Wynncom Y30 PC Suite 2.09 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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The PC suites available these days are more capable than ever, with accurate and useful coding. Wynncom Y30 PC Suite for the Y30 device is just as capable as others and will allow several features, enhancing the usefulness of the device.

You can use the Wynncom Y30 PC Suite to connect your PC to the Internet through a tethering software and the two can then be linked to allow you to browse the web and download, with the phone’s Wi-Fi or data plan. You are able to do all this for free too because the software is a free download.

Use the phone as a storage device or as a modem. Use it too as an installer because with Wynncom Y30 PC Suite you can install software to the phone through your computer.

The Wynncom Y30 PC Suite is a mobile phone tool containing multiple management tabs for all the phone functions. The application features include:

- Phonebook shows the PC Folder, the Handset folder and you can manage your contacts between them

- Message and MMS is for managing the SMS and the multimedia messages between the PC and the Phone

- Settings is for phone connection management and general options

- Images and melody are for setting up the wallpaper and the ringtone for the phone

- File Manager is for transferring the files between the phone and the PC

System Requirements:

No special requirements

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Wynncom PC syncs.rar html 0.00B 2.09 N/A Windows Download
Wynncom Y30 PC Suite 2.09 Free Download screenshot